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The Haunting of Bartlett Arborist Supply:  A Spine-Chilling Tale of an Arborist’s Nightmare!

The Haunting of Bartlett Arborist Supply: A Spine-Chilling Tale of an Arborist’s Nightmare!


In the quaint town of Marlette, Michigan lies Bartlett Arborist Supply, where the whipping winds and rustling of tree climbing equipment paint a haunting melody, a chilling tale begins to unfold. Meet Tylor, a seasoned gear head arborist who embarks on a seemingly routine expedition of expanding his tool arsenal at Bartlett. However, what awaits him in the shadowy embrace of the aisle is beyond his wildest nightmares. Brace yourself for a spine-tingling journey into the unknown as we unravel the haunting of Bartlett Arborist Supply.


The Call of the Whaling Squirrel

The call came late in the evening, shrouded in an eerie silence. An employee pleaded for Tylor’s expertise to assess ancient gear that had been discovered in sealed off room that was discovered during the renovation process. Ignoring the foreboding feeling that crept up his spine, Tylor resolved to meet this unnamed employee around dawn; his curiosity had outweighed his unease. However, prior to venturing the newly discovered room at Bartlett, the employee forewarned him of the Whaling Squirrel. Baffled by this statement, Tylor questioned the employee a bit further. Whaling Squirrel? What do you mean? He asked. The employee briefly filled Tylor; ever since the discovery of the room, there have been strange occurrences happening around the warehouse. Carabiners missing, ropes being tied off in Canopy Anchor configurations, and the most terrifying; a large shadow being casted where no sunlight reaches, in the shape of a horned squirrel!


The Enchanting Aisles of the Warehouse

Upon arrival, Tylor’s senses heightened as the words of the employee echoed in his head. Nevertheless, he began venturing deep into the warehouse until he reached “the room”. At this point, the atmosphere changed. What little daylight that shown through the window, was replaced by a suffocating canopy of tangled ropes, which seemed to not have been there earlier… INTERESTING! An unnatural darkness clung to the air and Tylor couldn’t help but feel watched by unseen eyes. Suddenly, a laughter like that of the Joker echoed behind him. Tylor snapped around and caught ever slightly glimpse of dark haired tail. Tylor rubbed his eyes and under his breath he whispered: “I must be going insane! There’s no way I just seen that”!


The Bewitched Carabiner

Tylor looked around the newly discovered room; gear scattered all over the place, covered in dust and spiderwebs throughout, there’s no possible way any of this gear is still viable to climb with. One thing was for sure, whosever gear this was, was an absolute gear maniac. Tylor muttered the words, “there is no way someone would climb with all of this gear”! He came to the conclusion that the employee must have wanted to see if anything was a relic of the past and needed his expertise to confirm. Looking around further, a rather odd-looking carabiner atop a Teufelberger Bucket Bag, Tylor noticed rather strange markings etched onto the spine – symbols he tried to make out. He rubbed his fingers down the spine of the carabiner and could make out only a few letters, Spa----- Squirrel. The hairs on his arm instantly shot up, could this belong to, no way, it’s impossible... it was only a myth! The carabiner seemed to screech softly as he worked the gate mechanism. Nervously glancing around, Tylor continued his assessment of the remaining gear, determined to complete his task.


An Unearthly Encounter

As the day progressed, light began peering through, the shadows grew longer and menacing. A bone-chilling cold enveloped Tylor, so he threw on his Kuhl Jacket and his breath turned to fog in the air. Tylor gave a sigh of relief as he came upon the final item… a TreeMOTION Evo with bones on the forward D rings. The myth no longer felt like a myth as he blew the dust off the harness. He picked up a faint squeak and bark through the aisles of Bartlett, almost beckoning him into a trance like state.


Ghostly Apparitions

In the dying light of the evening, Tylor saw flickering movement at the corner of his eye. Glimpses of horned hears darted amongst the top of the aisles, vanishing before he could focus on them. His heart pounded in his chest and in a true Indiana Jones fashion, Tylor flung his DMM Captain Throwing Hook over the racking and pulled himself to the top. The aisles weren’t spaced too far apart, and he began jumping from aisle-to-aisle. He came to a screeching halt, not because the darkness impeding him, but because of what he saw next; only a smile from ear-to-ear, white teeth bright as a diamond.


Entangled in the Ropes

Having become disoriented from that demented grin, Tylor became lost within the labyrinth configured aisles and ropes draped all over, Tylor’s inner compass spun aimlessly, leaving him helpless. Panic set in as he realized that Bartlett had now become a living, breathing entity, intent on ensnaring its prey. His breathing became erratic, sweating profusely, fighting for his sanity, he now became unhinged.


Confronting the Malevolent Presence

The night grew longer, and this Squirrel revealed its malevolent presence. Unearthly laughter echoed through the warehouse, growing louder with each step Tylor took. He unknowingly stumbled back into the ancient room; but how?! He exclaimed. He was sure he was making progress towards the exit! In the corner of the room, a full body presence of the squirrel was now visible. The same demented smile, the hair resembling horns, it was covered in some kind of black tar. Tylor became immobilized with fear!


The Escape from Darkness

It was like having bad case of sleep paralysis, Tylor pushed and battled through what felt like an eternity but was able to mutter out the following phrase: “SRT SUCKS”! The Squirrels smile faded, its eyes went from bug-eyes to cold and sharp. Whatever hold the squirrel had over Tylor vanished and regained his movement. Tylor knew, this squirrel meant to harm him and if he stayed any longer, he’d join the walls of Bartlett. He spun around and darted towards the exit; pushing forward through rope covered aisles, Salewa boots as heavy as cinder blocks. Just as the exit was visible, Tylor felt a cold stinging sensation along his back but that wasn’t going to hold him back. He pushed through more stings until he emerged in the open.


The Aftermath

Finally, having emerged from the haunting grasp of the squirrel, Tylor emerged with multiple gashes and trembling with terror. He vowed to return to Bartlett and reveal what had taken hold of him, but one thing is clear. He will be forever scarred, both mentally and physically from his ghoulish encounter.



The haunting of Bartlett Arborist Supply will forever be etched into Tylor’s memory. No one can fully comprehend the malevolent spirit that dwells within those walls, nor the chilling secrets that remain hidden. The haunting tale of the arborist serves as a warning to all who take squirrels lightly, but one thing remains true; visit Bartlett Arborist Supply for ALL your gear needs! Hope you enjoyed our silly tale.

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