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Understanding Acronyms in the Tree Climbing Industry Part 2

Understanding Acronyms in the Tree Climbing Industry Part 2

After we released our blog post explaining what all of these crazy abbreviations in the tree climbing industry mean, we realized that it would be a bit easier to explain all of them with some pictures with graphics. This blog should help illustrate what we were talking about and the 2 blog posts can be used in conjunction with each other to give you a better understanding of the different abbreviations as well as some of the climbing systems that would be used with them. Let's take a look!

First up is DdRT or MRS which stand for Doubled Rope Technique and Moving Rope System. They are both the same thing but MRS really helps illustrate what the heck is going on when you are using an MRS climbing system' The rope is moving!

Next up is SRT or SRS and this follows right along the same lines as the DdRT and MRS mix up. SRT stands for Single Rope Technique or Static Rope Technique while SRS stands for Stationary Rope Technique. Stationary Rope Technique is a far better explanation as to what is happening because the rope doesn't move at all but the climber does move along the rope as they ascend and descend the rope. Pretty simple!

DRT is one that has been confused with DdRT for far too long. Then climbers started adding 2 SRS systems to one rope that was double! It was even more confusing!! DRT stands for Double Rope Technique and it is usually referring to foot locking while DSRT or DSRS stand for Double Stationary Rope System whereas 2 SRS systems are attached to the same rope that is split in half, just like a Triple Threat or something along those lines.

Hopefully these images with graphics will help all of these abbreviations make sense to you
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