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Tree Hammocks

Posted by Tree Climber on 2/20/2016 to Tree Climbing Gear
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Do you have a Tree Hammock in your gear bag yet? Our Tree Hammocks are perfect for taking a well-deserved time out during your lunch break, especially on those unbearably hot days. Our ENO Double Nest Hammocks are make from parachute fabric and are always cool to the touch.
Our tree hammocks feature enough room for 2 people to lay side by side. They feature a small pouch that is convenient for storing small items or even a bottle of water. When you are ready to pack up and go, your hammock folds up and is stored nicely inside that same pouch.

If you're looking for a fast way to hang your hammock near the ground, you'll need a set of Slap Straps. These slap straps feature loops that are easily girth hitched around an anchor point with multiple attachments loops for the hammock to clip into. A tree hammock can be set up in under a minute!
Or maybe you've dreamed of a weekend camping high up in the tree tops! Our tree hammocks can make that dream a reality! By attaching the Slap Straps around sturdy limbs in the tree canopy, just be sure to stay tied in anytime you are using your hammock while aloft!
We all know the views from the tree tops are some of the best experiences as a tree climber and that's why we are confident you will love relaxing in your tree hammock as you enjoy the cool breeze blowing through the leaves while listening to the birds chirping all around you!
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