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Treemotion Evo Review

Treemotion Evo Review


Abdon shares his review about the Treemotion Evo Harness.

The EVO version is the improved version of the most popular harness on the market!

New Features on the EVO version:

Double Rope Bridge - redesigned front D rings that allow the use of the two knotted bridges. This gives you the ability to use just a single bridge like you're used to or drop in another bridge so you have the peace of mind that a double bridge offers. Updated buckles to reduce the chance of the anodization wearing off or becoming corroded from sweat. The new buckles have covers that keep sawdust from falling into the mechanisms that allow the buckle to open and close. A webbing organizer has been added that keeps the long tail of your webbing adjustment tucked neatly away instead of dangling in front of you while climbing.

Designed over a five year period by three of the world’s top climbers, the treeMotion is designed as a high performance piece of equipment. As the name states, the treeMotion is all about being able to maximize each movement without wasting any bit of energy. Every component of this saddle is highly customizable; from the bridge length, bridge attachment, leg loop placement, or gear loop attachment. Each saddle comes with extra gear loops so that you can put the gear loops where you want opposed to having to deal with fixed loops chosen by the manufacturer. The back pad offers lumbar support while also giving the climber the option of placing accessory carabiners through the back pad for added gear attachment. With color coded attachment points, one can easily identify what component is life support and which isn’t (green is for life support, red is not). Quick connect buckles make putting on the treeMotion a breeze.

The absolute king of comfort and mobility!

  • Stepless adjustment of suspension system improves load distribution to hips and legs
  • Ergonomically shaped back padding maintains comfort and keeps it in place adjustable gear loops
  • Quick-release buckles at waist and leg loops Logical, color-coded distinction between PPE attachment points and gear loops
  • Accessory brackets on both sides allow ‘clipped up’ stowage of a chainsaw Compression straps for First Aid kit and adjustable lumbar support
  • Possibility to work position from the side ‘D’ rings or the forward suspension D’s Weighs just over 5 lbs.
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