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Treemotion Introduces the New TM EVO

Treemotion Introduces the New TM EVO

The Harness You Love Just Got Better!

For those of you that have been using a Tree Motion harness since it was originally released, you know exactly how awesome this harness is! The Tree Motion (TM) was designed with the movement of the climber in mind and combines things like a wide back pad for comfort and a longer rope bridge that is attached between the legs and hips, creating an amazing amount of movement, all in a neat package!

A couple years ago the back pad was updated with memory foam padding that make this harness EVEN more comfortable! On top of all this, the TM was designed with these amazing front D rings that allow the climber to attach their lanyard or their climb line, allowing for more mobility while aloft during times when you need to get the weight off your hips and onto your legs. All of these great features have finally been upgraded with the TM EVO!

Cool New Features

The TM EVO has all the same great features we just talked about, plus some really cool new things that we think you are going to love! How about a double bridge option? For years climbers have been modifying their harnesses to allow for a double bridge option that not only allows them the option of running two independent climbing systems on its own bridge, but also the added safety of using two bridges as your primary tie-in point. The TM EVO has redesigned front D rings that allow the use of two knotted bridges. This gives you the ability to use just a single bridge like you're used to or drop in another bridge so you have the peace of mind that a double bridge offers.'

The other cool thing that these redesigned front D rings allow for is the use of a webbing bridge or a stitched bridge. Both of these are available as an add-on option. Webbing bridges are great because they are super easy to inspect and last a long time. The stitched bridge option is another great option for climbers that like the rope bridge, but prefer a stitched termination.

The buckles have also been updated to reduce the chance of the anodization wearing off or becoming corroded from sweat. The new buckles have covers that keep sawdust from falling into the mechanisms that allow the buckle to open and close. Another neat feature is the webbing organizer that keeps the long tail of your webbing adjustment tucked neatly away, instead of dangling in front of you while climbing. Though this may not be a game changer, it is nice to have everything streamlined in front of you!

What Do You Think?

Give the pictures a look and see if this new updated TM EVO is what you need in your life! We can't wait to get our hands on one and start rocking that awesome new double bridge! Keep your eyes on the blog and the website around October 2018 for the release of the TM EVO and be sure to let us know what you think of the updates in the comments below!

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