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Understanding the Different Types of Slings

We get a lot of questions about all the different kinds of slings and what they should be used for. When it comes to tree removal, rigging, and climbing, different slings can make a big difference in what you are planning on doing while aloft or on the ground. Let's take a look at some of our different options and get an idea of what they should be used for!

Tubular Loop Slings (Endless Loop)

These Tubular Loop Slings are made of nylon and are very lightweight. They can easily be girth hitched around a limb to be used for a rigging redirect or a climbing redirect. Be sure to always keep your rigging gear separate from your climbing gear. These can also be used to attach limbs to a speed line setup for fast removal of multiple limbs.

Dead Eye Sling

A Dead Eye Sling is a spliced sling that has one 'dead eye' spliced into it. They range in length from 8'-30' and can be used in the tree or on the ground. They work extremely well for blocks or Port A Wraps because they can be cinched very tight to the tree to reduce a lot of the slop in your rigging system. They are easily attached to the tree with a Timber Hitch or a Cow Hitch. The larger diameter slings work great for your primary rigging points and smaller diameter slings can be used for rigging redirects to help share the load throughout the tree. Personally, this is my recommended way for attaching any large blocks in the tree. It's easier to adjust and less cumbersome when trying to attach to large diameter wood.

Whoopie Sling

A Whoopie Sling is a spliced sling that is adjustable. Whoopie Slings have one large loop on one end that adjusts by sliding one part of the rope through the other and a smaller spliced eye on the other end. Whoopie Slings are pretty much a mix between a Dead Eye Sling and a Loopie Sling. Whoopie Slings are recommended to be used for attaching a Port A Wrap to the base of the tree for lowering limbs. I try to keep Whoopies on the ground and other slings up in the air.

Loopie Sling

A Loopie Sling is exactly as it sounds, a big adjustable loop. The Loopie Sling is spliced from hollow braid rope which allows part of the loop to be spliced through the other. When weight is put into the sling, it acts just like a Chinese finger trap and tightens down on the section that is passed through itself. Blocks can be added onto the single leg of rope that makes up the loop and the whole sling can be Girth Hitched onto the tree. Be sure to always have the cross over section of the Girth Hitch pass over the adjustable portion of the sling. This will lock the sling in place opposed to having it pull the sling out of position and make it longer. A super useful example of a Loopie Sling is the Omni Block Sling. Loopies should be used up in the air.

So there is a quick run down of the multiple slings that we have in our shop as well as out in the field. Each sling serves it's own purpose in rigging and climbing so be sure that you know where each one should be used as well as how it should be used! If you have any questions, shoot us an email, find us on Facebook or give us a call! Stay safe!
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