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When You Back Order, You Become Our First Shipping Priority

When You Back Order, You Become Our First Shipping Priority

COVID-19 has been a challenge for all of us, and Bartlett is no exception. You may have noticed items have been listed for backorder on our website and haven’t arrived when you were expecting. Some customers have expressed confusion over how backorders work at Bartlett so we want to take this opportunity to run through our backorder process.


Why Does Bartlett Back Order?

As you know, equipment for people in a profession like yours is important for you to complete your job safely and effectively. The demand for equipment when there is a surge of need from professionals can happen quickly and without warning. Couple that with manufacturers that have limited production capabilities and you have items that people really want that are hard to get. At Bartlett we ensure that our customer would have the best chance of getting this equipment and backordering the way we do it is really the best way for someone to get it. The way we backorder is a bit different, and better, than other companies. When we run out of stock for an item, we still list that item as for sale on our website. Any item that is on backorder is listed as being on backorder right on the product description page.


Why Our Backorder is Different

Unlike a lot of other companies, we don’t charge you right away when you put in an order for a backordered item. Bartlett will not charge you until we get that item back in stock and ship it off to you, so you’re not paying out of pocket immediately for something that may take time to receive. We’re business owners ourselves, so we know what it’s like to need cash to operate. That’s’ why we’ve made the decision to not charge any of our loyal customers until we actually ship the item.


Purchasing an item that is on backorder effectively works as a waiting list for that item. You’ll be a priority for receiving the item, so the sooner you get in line the sooner you can receive your product. A feature of this system is that you don’t have to constantly check to see if an item you need is in stock to purchase, because if you’ve already purchased a backorder you’re in line for that item! Unfortunately, we do not manufacture these items, so when a manufacturer completely stops production on a certain item and there will be no more stock to purchase. In this case, we will notify you and cancel the order. No refund necessary as your card won’t have been charged!


If we don’t have the ability to charge the customer because the order has come in beyond the capture cutoff date, we will have to call the customer to process the remaining amount once the products are in and ready to ship.


How to Check Stock On Our Website

When browsing our inventory you’ll notice that when you click on a product page you will be notified if that item is In Stock or Out of Stock above the “Add To Cart” button.


Out of Stock

If an item is currently Out of Stock you’ll get the notice “Currently out of stock, but more is on the way. Order now to reserve yours!” above the “Add To Cart” button. We try our best to get out of stock items back into our warehouse and to our customers as fast as possible.




Many things have changed over the last year but what hasn’t changed is Bartlett’s commitment to our customers! Our goal is to get you the best quality arborist supplies & tree climbing gear that you trust! We appreciate your patience for any backorder items and please know that your item is our first priority to ship out when we receive it!

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