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Rope and Gear Storage Bags

Tree climbing can involve a lot of gear, depending on what style and what the situation calls for. Climbing can potentially involve multiple ropes on the job. Now you could spend time coiling the ropes, or you can choose to store them into bags! Rope bags can reduce clean up time and keeps them from bird nesting! Another thing to note would be; by putting all of your tree climbing supplies in proper storage will keep items from being misplaced or forgotten.  Last thing you want when you show up on a site, is to be missing crucial gear! Pick up a rope bag or gear pack and stay organized like a true professional.

Our most popular gear bag is the DMM Porter. It’s big and fits a ton! If you’re in the market for a sturdy gear bag that stands up on its own, then check out the Teufelberger Bucket Bags or the Arbpro Gear bags.

Throwlines! One of the most important pieces of gear out there can be a mess when not stored properly. Never coil up your throwline! Keep your throw lines separate from your ropes, try putting them in one of our Bartlett storage cubes. This way it prevents a bird nest from forming when you go to shoot for the moon!