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Distel Carbon Fiber Climbers

by Distel
SKU CL-13422

Introducing our absolute premium spur: the most ergonomic and lightest on the market! Crafted with a carbon fiber shank that angles forward and a Vibram rubber sole, you'll enjoy firm grip and protection as you ascend. Plus, our climber pads come housed in an indestructible, high-quality composite plastic shell that's lighter than carbon fiber with excellent stiffness and impact resistance. Don't miss out! Get the highest quality and performance with this amazing spur!

  • Experience minimal additional weight while climbing with the Carbon Fibre climbers, as each one weighs only 840g.
  • Achieve a perfect fit with the 4" wide Velcro top strap, ensuring comfort and security.
  • The rubber pad integrated at the base of the stirrup provides reliable protection.
  • Enhance wearer comfort with the breathable and machine washable calf pad, designed to conform to the leg's contour and fit snugly into the upper cuff.
  • The high-quality velcro lower strap offers easy adjustability for a customized fit.
  • The climbers come with Tree Gaffs, equipped with leather gaff protectors. The gaffs are replaceable and can be sharpened effortlessly.
  • The maximum user weight, including equipment, is 108kg (240lb).

What Sets Distel Climbers Apart?

  • High quality: Only top materials are used, so you can rely on your climbers
  • Longevity: Distel aims to build climbers that will support your work for many years
  • Made in Europe: Distel climbers are created in an exclusively European production chain

Distel Climbers - History, Quality, & Innovation

Ulrich Distel built his first pair of entirely fiberglass climbers in his garage back in 1989. He began taking the climbers to trade shows, and followed them up with aluminum spurs. From the beginning, the climbers that bear the Distel name have been innovative and high-quality.