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ISC Apex System

by ISC
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If you're looking for an all in one SRT climbing system, then this is for you!

The NEW ISC APEX is fitted with an adjustable cam, allowing the user to select from multiple clearly identifiable friction settings, in accordance with rope type and diameter.  The spring-loaded cam can be adjusted in under 5 seconds- simply depress the spring-loaded button, swing the side plate open and then pull the spring-loaded cam outwards a short way.  Rotate the cam to select the new setting, release the cam and close the device!  No tools needed and no drop-able parts!

 The NEW ISC APEX is fitted with a swing-open side frame which allows for quick and easy mid-line attachment, even when wearing gloves! The push-button, swing-open side frame has a double-lock closure system for added security and an audible ‘click’ to confirm closure.The ISC APEX also allows the user to change the tether without having to alter the friction setting.  The NEW ISC Squirrel FLEX Tether is designed to offer the optimal balance of rigidity and flexibility for SRT Climbing with the Rope Wrench.

The Squirrel FLEX is made from a high-quality kernmantle rope, over-moulded with an advanced Polymer, selected to create a rigid tether that allows just the right amount of flex and an ultra-premium finish. 

Kit Contents:
[1] APEX Rope Wrench
[1] Squirrel FLEX Tether

[1] PHLOTICH Pulley (Bearing)
[1] Aluminium HMS carabiner (Supersafe Triple-lock Gate)

[1] Teufelberger OP 85cm eye to eye prussic (10mm)

[1] Accessory Carabiner