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Tree Rigging Ropes, Bull Ropes and Hand Lines

When you’re in the process of lowering down limbs or butt-hitching down some heavy wood, you’re relying heavily on your ropes! Use the best, strongest rig lines from Bartlett. We carry top brands such as SamsonTeufelbergerYale Cordage and more. These ropes can have average strengths of 20,400lbs, now this does depend on manufacturer and diameter of the rope.

Find various styles of rope in different diameters and length options. Going for 3-strand or 12-strand ropes will give you the best bang for the buck if you’re running that rope over a natural union as they are better for abrasion resistance. 24-strand rigging ropes offer you higher break strengths but typically work better when ran through a block pulley or rigging ring.

Not sure which rigging rope is right for you? You can always call our store and speak with one of our professional consultants!

  • BRAIDED FORESTRY PRO 1/2" diameter
    from $102.65

    BRAIDED FORESTRY PRO 1/2" diameter

    All Gear

    This 12-strand premium climbing line has low stretch and high strength. It stays firm, round, and flexible with use. This economical and strong rop...

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    from $102.65