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DMM Kinisi MAX

by DMM

The Wait Is Over - The All New DMM Kinisi Max Is Here

Experience and expertise combine in the DMM Kinisi Max, co-created with professional innovators Treemagineers for a groundbreaking harness design. Get unparalleled build quality from DMM's new facility in North Wales.

Pioneering design born from experience.

Introducing the Kinisi: a versatile and durable sit harness engineered for a variety of tree care, aerial work, and rescue tasks. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this modular harness is designed to meet the demands of professionals in the field.

With nearly two decades of expertise in professional product development, Treemagineers and DMM have collaborated to bring you the Kinisi. This harness represents the culmination of years of innovation and refinement, setting a new standard in harness design.

At DMM's state-of-the-art production facility in North Wales, we've spared no effort to ensure that the Kinisi maintains the highest level of quality and performance. From hardware to the finished product, each component is meticulously crafted to deliver reliability and durability in any situation.

Experience the next level of comfort, safety, and versatility with the Kinisi sit harness. Elevate your performance and tackle your toughest challenges with confidence.


Adjustable cams for the new dmm Kinisi tree harness. This patented rope bridge adjuster is new to dmm's incredible accessory lineup. Rear attachment point on the dmm Kinisi tree harness
Side ring on the dmm Kinisi sit harness.Side D on the dmm Kinisi max harness showing a sewn bridge configuration using the dmm rope bones
Sliding aluminum buckles on the dmm Kinisi max harness. Moveable webbing stoppers to allow the use of personalized webbing lengths.

Additional features

Maximum comfort and support. Webbing is woven through a supporting material and then padded with foam, providing comfort by spreading the user's weight over a large surface area. This structural webbing is then slimmed down where bulk would inhibit movement.

Designed to last. All hardware is optimized to be textile friendly and reduce webbing wear.

Replaceable components for enhanced lifespan. Users have the option to replace the pads, elastic keeper loops, leg elastics and loops, rear elastics, riser webbing, bridges, and bridge hardware.

Independently evaluated to the performance requirements of the following international standards:

  • ASNZ 1891 – Pass
  • ANSI/ASSP - Z359.12-2019 – Pass
  • CAN/CSA - Z259.12 – Pass
  • ASTM F0887-20 – Pass except the structural webbing is under 44.5mm and the harness has a rear attachment point.
  • CSA Z259.1-05 PD saddle – Pass except the structural webbing is under 41mm.

Vast customization options

Customizable rope and webbing bridges. Available in a variety of different terminations and lengths.

Removable webbing stoppers. Webbing lengths can be shortened to the user's requirements.

Bosun Chair compatible. Eyelets on the forward Ds can be combined with the Bosun Chair kit.

Attachment slots for non-PPE upper assemblies.

DMM component compatibility

DMM harness accessories. Pre-cut holes allow use of XSRE carabiners, Stowaways, and the Caiman.

Multiple storage solutions. Gear brackets allow use of the Vault range and Parking Lot.

Harness attachments for restraint according to EN358. Rear restraint point can be used with classic DMM hardware such as the PerfectO, Ultra O, and AmericanO.

Harness attachments for work positioning according to EN358. Side rings can be used with classic DMM hardware such as the PerfectO, Ultra O, and AmericanO.

 Harness attachments for suspension and work positioning according to EN813. Forward Ds are compatible with DMM connectors. Rope bridges work with a range of hardware including Anchor Rings, Ultra O, Axis Swivels or the Rigger Pulley. Webbing bridges work with Anchor Rings, AmericanO, Compact Shackle, and Axis Swivels.

DMM Kinisi Tech Specs. Technical specifications for the brand new DMM Kinisi saddle

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