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by ISC
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The Phlotich pulley is a multi-aperture device specifically designed for SRT and DdRT climbing systems.
Rope Size (maximum): 13mm (1/2")
MBS: 30kN
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 5oz.

Some of the key benefits are:
• allows for a wide variety of carabiner connector shapes and will allow full rotation of any carabiner.
• carabiners in either aperture cannot become side loaded on the gate of the carabiner.
• allows for multiple carabiner connections at one time in the 'Kidney' aperture.
• allows for a carabiner to 'auto-align' depending on where the load is applied- and allows carabiners to 'self center' during climbing manoeuvers, which is helpful with MRS climbing when climbing up to a large diameter limb and the individual 'legs' of the climbing system are spreading apart.
• allows for a perfect spot to anchor a 'Sternal' anchoring device (carabiner, hook, Chestie, etc.) for use in SRS climbing on ascent with a Rope Wrench. This connector in the 'Kidney' aperture will self align to the most efficient spot and can be removed and attached easily
• allows for the use of an ISC Twin Legged Tether to be used with the Rope Wrench set up for the most efficient and 'clean' SRS set up. The Twin Legged Tether does not interfere with access to the Kidney aperture for 'auto-tending' the system.
• allow the efficient use of the Pulley as a 'trolley' and allows for self alignment of an anchoring carabiner in the 'Kidney' aperture when used in this configuration.
• The Phlotich can be used effectively for 'Double Crotching' or setting up efficient mechanical advantage systems due to the multiple attachment points and the ability for multiple carabiners anchored in the 'Kidney' aperture.
• The 'Kidney' aperture allows a DMM Revolver carabiner to full rotate allowing for its use in a V-Rig configuration with MRS climbing.