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SKU SAD-7333212

Replacement bridge for the treeMOTION harness

The treeMOTION Bridge uses a 10mm cord made with a Dyneema® core and a tightly braided, abrasion resistant polyester cover for superior strength. The mid layer ensures optimal performance and the polyester cover offers excellent UV resistance and high conversion strength when sewn. The Dyneema® core ensures the bridge can hold up to regular wear and tear. This custom-made bridge is designed for rope bridge use and is the perfect choice for any outdoor adventure.

The stitched ends have more than one use!

The rope bridge approved by TEUFELBERGER for use on the treeMOTION harness is supplied with red stitching approximately 35mm long and close to each end. This stitching has a number of purposes:

  • —  It ensures the tail of the approved stopper knot is sufficiently long;

  • —  In the event that the knot becomes overloaded, the tail may be pulled in to the knot. The stiffness

    of the stitching offers resistance and helps to maintain the safe length of tail and therefore the

    integrity of the knot itself; and

  • —  In the event that the cover of the bridge becomes compromised and fails, there is a tendency for

    the core to pull through the entire knot. The stitching holds the core and cover together at the end of the bridge. This helps to ensure a high configured strength despite the failure of the cover.

  • Only the approved rope bridge is approved. 

  • No other cordage is approved for use as a rope bridge on the treeMOTION harness. Considerable testing has been carried out on the treeMOTION rope bridge i.e. in TEUFELBERGER’s own test facilities (dynamic and static testing), the test facilities of an independent notified body, extended validation tests prior to the start of production and ongoing assessment of performance in real life service conditions with our long term validation partners. During the years of treeMOTION production, the performance of the approved rope bridge has shown that the material is both suitable and sufficient to be used in the specified manner.