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Check Out These Bartlett Tree Climbing Kits

Check Out These Bartlett Tree Climbing Kits

Are you looking to get into tree climbing? Maybe you’ve been climbing for awhile but you are looking to upgrade some of your kit so that you can become more efficient in the canopy? Well, we have a ton of kits that can easily take the guesswork out of picking out new gear AND it comes at a discounted price! Yeah, you heard that right, we did the work for you and gave you a discount!

Let’s take a look at some of our kits and see what would work for you! We are going to break down the kits by basic, intermediate and advanced climbing. Let’s take a look at the basic kits first:

The Beginner Climbing Kit

The Beginner Climbing Kit offers everything you need to get off the ground and doing some light pruning. Obviously you will need your own PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) but outside of that, you could be up in the tree having fun and potentially making money.

This kit comes with:

  • Weaver Wide Back Saddle
  • 120' of Arbormaster 16 strand climb line
  • 5' Safety Blue Split tail
  • 2 in 1 lanyard with 1 aluminum carabiner and 2 steel snaps
  • 36" Friction Saver
  • 2 aluminum locking snaps
  • Throw line kit including 2 throw bags, 180' of Zing-it throw line and 1 storage cube
  • Fanno handsaw with scabbard
  • Bartlett short chainsaw lanyard



The Klein Helmet and Climber Set Combo Kit

The next kit that comes to mind in the basic category is the Klein Helmet and Climber Set Combo Kit which is a great addition to the Beginner Climbing Kit because you get your helmet and a set of spikes for doing removals. Klein Climbers or spikes are one of our best selling pieces of gear because they are hard working and long lasting. This is a great deal for a helmet and set of spikes for climbing!

This kit comes with:

  • Klein Helmet
  • Klein Climbers with leg pads


Block-Sling Combo for 1/2” Rope

Another great beginner kit is the Block-Sling Combo for 1/2” Rope. This kit allows you to start using a great block and loopie sling combo for your rigging. Blocks help make the amount of friction in your rigging system predictable which in turn makes your rigging system safer. This great ISC block is small in size and weight while still boasting a 19,000lb MBS!

This kit comes with:

  • ISC KRP-048 Rigging Block
  • SLING-1/2x5 Tenex TEC Loopie sling


Now let’s take a look at some intermediate tree climbing gear kits! These kits will be a nice upgrade to some of the kits we’ve already discussed or a great place to start when looking to get into some more advanced techniques.


Basic SRT Kit

The first intermediate kit is the Basic SRT Kit. This kit has all the tree climbing equipment you need to start climbing SRT or SRS in the tree. By combining this kit with the Basic Climbing Kit you can upgrade your climbing from body thrusting into the tree to using a foot ascender to more easily ascend the rope and get into the canopy. This is also a great kit to build your SRS kit to make for even easier ways of accessing the tree.

This kit comes with:

  • 1 - Rope Wrench with Stiff Tether
  • 1- Red Hitch Climber Pulley
  • 1 - 28" long HRC Eye to Eye
  • 2 - Rock Exotica RockO Auto Lock Carabiners
  • 1- Climbing Technology Foot Ascender
  • 1 - Chest Box Harness


Hitch Climber Eccentric Kit

The next kit to take a look at when upgrading to an intermediate level is the Hitch Climber Eccentric Kit. This kit will totally upgrade your Beginner Climbing Kit from a split tail to a hitch cord and give you the ability for one handed slack tending with the Hitch Climber Eccentric pulley! This kit will really bring your climbing to the next level!

This kit comes with:

  • Hitch Climber Eccentric, for ropes 7-14mm, MBS: 30kN, WLL: 6kN
  • 30" long HRC prusik, MBS: 5400lbs
  • 150’ Yale Blue Moon Climbing Line,  Tensile strength: 6500lbs



Light Rigging Kit

The third kit in the intermediate category is the Light Rigging Kit. This kit will open up new doors for you by allowing you to fine tune your rigging system by making the friction in the tree and on the ground far more predictable by using an Omni Block Pulley in the tree and a Small Port a Wrap on the ground. This kit is recommended for light rigging but pieces of it can be upgraded to be used for heavier rigging duties.

This kit comes with:

  • 1 - 1/2" Sta Set Rope, 150' length
  • 1 - Omni Block, 1.1" single sheave
  • 1 - 36" Loop Sling
  • 1 - 9/16" diameter Tree Rig Sling, 14'
  • 1 - Mini Port-a-Wrap, up to 1/2" rope
  • 1 - Rope Bag


The advanced category has some great kits that will help push your climbing to the next level. Whether you climb on an MRS system or an SRS system, the advanced kits are guaranteed to have something for you!


SRT Deluxe Kit

The first kit in the advanced category is the SRT Deluxe Kit. This kit has everything you need to get you running into the tree except a harness and your PPE. This kit allows you to have a lower-able base anchor that is controlled by a Petzl Rig as well as a HAAS Knee Ascender for rope walking up into the tree. This kit is a great deal if you are looking to upgrade your gear and your climbing to the most efficient way to access a tree!

This kit comes with:

 1 - Base Anchor
1 - Petzl Rig Descender
4 - Rock Exotica RockO Auto Lock Carabiners
1 - Rope Wrench with Tether
1 - Hitch Climber Pulley
1 - 28" HRC Eye-to-eye
1 - CT Foot Ascender
1 - HAAS
1 - Chest Box Harness
1 - 200' 11mm Kernmaster Rope


Flowpro Kit

The next kit we are going to look at is the Flowpro Kit. This kit lets you start climbing on the Zig Zag PLUS mechanical device that takes the place of your hitch cord. This device is incredibly smooth to climb on and makes climbing fun! The kit also features the Petzl Chicane which allows you to climb on the Zig Zag in a SRS setup. With the included rope, you are pretty much ready to go whether you want to climb MRS or SRS with the super fun Petzl Zig Zag!

This kit comes with:

  • Petzl Zig Zag PLUS
  • Petzl Chicane

Gecko Butt-Check’O’ Kit

The last tree climbing kit in the advanced category is the Gecko Butt-Check’O’ Kit. Despite the goofy name, this is a great kit that will upgrade your older heavier spikes that weigh you down throughout the day. The aluminum Gecko spikes are paired up with a Kiwi Klimber Spikescender for quick and easy access into the tree. This kit is a major benefit to anyone that wants to upgrade and update their removal game!

This kit comes with:

  • Gecko Ultra Light Tree Climbers
  • Kiwi Klimber Ascender
  • 46" Tear Away Chainsaw Lanyard
  • 150' Tachyon Rope with Eye (Green or Orange)
  • 1 Gold DMM XSRE Carabiner
  • 4SRT Chester


Hopefully this list of kits gives you an idea of some great ways of either getting started or upgrading some of the gear you already have! These kits have been designed by our on-staff arborist and are guaranteed to make your life easier by putting the right gear together and giving you a good deal on it! Let us know if you are interested in us putting together a kit that you think other climbers would love!

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