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Arborist Tree Climbing Ropes | Spliced Eye Ropes

Tree climbing ropes are made from many different materials and come in different constructions. Arborist climbing ropes are meant for life support and have the strength to prove it! Most climbing ropes are made with polyester and a blend of other technical fibers for strength, knot-ability, and suppleness. 

12-strand ropes hold up very well to abrasion and are great for climbers who don't use friction savers. These ropes for tree climbing have a solid braid construction with no core, making hand splicing unavailable. However, an industrial sewn eye can be accomplished. Inspection is relatively easy with 12-strand ropes.

16-strand ropes feature a cover and a core, but a majority (if not all) of its strength comes from the cover. The core's main function is to keep the rope round while under load and potentially hold a small percentage of the load. 16-strand ropes are generally stronger than 12-strand ropes and still have great abrasion resistance. These ropes are great for climbers using a Blake's Hitch and using a tie-in point that does not require additional gear.

24-strand ropes are great to use with friction savers and ascenders. Typically, 24-strand ropes are double-braided ropes, meaning they are ropes within a rope. That would be the best way to break that one down. It is ideal to pair this climbing rope with a friction saver to prevent premature wear of the rope, as they are not as abrasion resistant when compared to lower strand ropes. The dynamic properties of this rope make it the best when it comes to climbing MRS, BUT it still has lower elongation, meaning that it is also an excellent rope for SRS climbing. In a few words, 24-strand ropes are all around arborist climbing ropes!

Static ropes are of Kernmantle construction and comprise 32-48 strand covers. This makes them the perfect rope to pair with ascenders! The tighter cover allows the ascender to bite into the rope without causing damage and the tighter cover also helps keep the fine debris away from the core. Static ropes have very low stretch, making them great for ascending into trees using SRS climbing techniques. 

Which rope is right for you? See what fits your tree climbing rope needs best here.

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    Cousin Black Widow Climbing Rope


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    from $122.60